Portrait of Tammy Hunt

Hello 🌼

I am Tammy, and I am the face behind The Flower Power Home! Along with Mr Flowerpower (my lovely husband, John!), our two children and a very silly spaniel, we are the proud owners of an eclectically vintage home and two gorgeous little caravans named Clarabel and Bambi (a 1984 Freedom and a 1980 Viking).

We are retrophiles. I can only assume that you are too, or you probably wouldn’t be here! We love all things old, classic, vintage, things with a past and a history, styles and fashions from another time, echos from the past. Personally, my own favourite era is that time of free expression and social re-awakening that the late 60’s and 70’s brought.  A time when ‘anything goes’ and popular style was vibrant, colourful and cheerful! We’ve all had enough of dull modern interiors with their ‘neutral palettes’ and ‘co-ordinating schemes’. We say, “Bring on the colour!” “Bring on the flower power!”  

After trawling untold vintage shops, fairs and websites, hunting for unique yet affordable fabrics with which to furnish our home and caravans, I began to discover what a challenge it could be to find that vintage item that was ‘just right’ for my space. Before I knew it I had started buying up whatever I could find ‘just in case’ and the pile began to grow, hence ‘The Flower Power Home’ was born!

Those of you who know us already will be aware that our little shop has been trading in one form or another since Autumn 2018, but, after a period of winter sleep (where we’ve been very busy behind the scenes!) our website has had a Spring awakening and flowered once more! As we re-establish ourselves properly our stock levels will sometimes go up and down, but do bookmark our site and keep popping back! We hope you’ll love what you see as we develop and grow.

We’d love to get to know our customers so please get in touch via our contact page, say ‘Hello!’ and tell us what you think!