Our Ethos ๐ŸŒน

“The cry of ‘Flower Power’ echoes through the land. We shall not wilt. Let a thousand flowers bloom.”

Abbie Hoffman – anti-war activist,Workshop in Nonviolence, May 1967

In the words of Abbie Hoffman, we want to “let a thousand flowers bloom” and bring the spirit of peace, love and ‘flower power’ into your homes, campers, caravans, tents and maybe even garden sheds! We aim to become the best place in the UK to find genuine vintage 60’s and 70’s flower power fabrics and soft furnishings, and put smiles onto as many faces as possible in the process!

As well as helping you to make your surroundings that little bit more beautiful, here at Flower Power Home we also pride ourselves on our strong ethical values. We choose not to sell newly manufactured items, preferring to reduce our carbon footprint (and yours!) by re-using and re-purposing quality items and materials that have a past. We minimise our use of plastic wherever we can, although we will re-use packaging (plastic and otherwise) whenever possible. This may affect the way your parcel looks when it comes to you, but we will ensure that items still reach you safely in the condition in which we sent them. We will always try to add a few personal touches to make your package extra special and we are also able to pass on any financial savings to our customers so it’s a win for the environment and a win for you!

Last, but not least, we always try to keep our prices realistic. We believe that nobody should be asked to pay way over the odds for something just because it’s old or ‘on trend’! For our UK customers we combine this with FREE SHIPPING for all orders, no matter how big, so that you will always know what you will be paying before you reach the checkout! For overseas customers we endeavour to always use the more cost effective shipping method for your country, which means that your order may come in more than one package, but your costs will be reduced.