Why Us?

Unlike many vintage shops we are specialists in what we do. We do not stock china, retro toys, clothing, kitchenalia…

…we stock fabric. Lots of it! We also stick to fabric with a 60’s and 70’s flower power feel so you know exactly what you will be getting when you visit us and we hope you’ll like it enough to come back again!

Due to the nature of our stock, our shop will never look the same from one day to the next, but this only adds to the fun! Is today the day you will find that elusive pillowcase to complete the set? or will you discover the perfect fabric for those caravan curtains? All our items are vintage and may therefore have signs of wear, but all are in good usable condition (and look pretty blooming cool too!) and we aim to make our descriptions as informative as possible so you really know what you are buying. Bedlinen will always come to you freshly laundered and ready to use, and curtains etc. will be washed or aired as appropriate. 

Happy shopping 🙂